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The Versatility of Long-haired Men in Movies

The long-haired man is used in so many different movie roles. This video takes a look at three types of long-haired characters in order to show how versatile this image is and how vital it can be in capturing who and what these characters represent.


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Project Update 5

Today was the last day of presentations and it was obvious that people are moving closer toward their final version, some people are actually there already.

As we approach the due date, I spent my time tinkering with sound. It did not go as planned and I ran into a lot of difficulty. In my first draft, I liked how the music matched with the “dude” section in terms of timing and harmony. Today, I shortened some of my title cards which changed where the music played alongside the clips. I have been trying to get the audio to match how it was for my first draft but that has proved difficult because I am not very skilled with iMovie and also I actually just got lucky with how it matched before.

Other than that, I tried to find a different track to go with my mini supercut at the beginning. This again proved difficult. I have struggled to make smooth sounding transitions which is something that I worked on today but made little progress on.

Today was productive in that I know what I need to work most on because the sound is something I discovered to be least skilled at in iMovie.

Otherwise, I do not feel strapped for time with the deadline getting closer, but I do have more work left to do than I thought I did.

Also, the title is now “How Long Hair is used Differently for Men in Movies.” Hopefully that clarifies my point that there are so many different movie characters with long hair but they play completely different roles from movie to movie.

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Project Update 4

This week in class we watched another round of projects as get closer to our final products.

In class today, I spent the entirety of my time pulling clips from youtube. Having all the clips I planned on using for the first portion, I compiled, hopefully, everything that I need to finish my second section. I have also begun taking clips from the Harry Potter movies and The Lord of the Rings movies as I move closer to the final third of my project.

At this point, and I had not planned this, I cut some characters that I initially planned on using. Russell Brand will no longer be used as a Dude and Bill from Kill Bill will no longer be part of the villain category. I figured two Bills was enough (Buffalo Bill and Bill the Butcher).

I used four characters for each of my first two sections, but for the third part I think I want to use more only because The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in themselves have dozens of usable characters. Not to mention the other movies that I am going to use.

By next week, I hope to have completed about two-thirds of my project with a general foundation in place for the final stretch.

Tune in next week for a new update.

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Project Update 3

Today I presented my working draft of my project. I am roughly halfway through but am still very much in the process of editing the first half in terms of timing and sound and efficiency.

The bulk of the feedback I received suggested that I trim or reduce the whiteboard cards because it is a bit distracting and interruptive. What I have done this class to accommodate my criticisms is I have been working to incorporate everything that I want to show into one whiteboard card. Instead of breaking it up segment by segment, I am working on playing straight through all of my clips. The only issue is I may lose some clarity as to why these clips are being shown. Before, I had it set up so that all the dudes were smoking cigarettes, then saying “dude,” then dressed like a dude. Right now, I am looking for the best way to minimize the whiteboard time while also maintaining my initial structure.

Once that is settled, I will move forward. I want to continue with the same format that I have been following. I think it is clear that I have 3 categories. I use the mini super cut at the beginning similar to a trailer. I hint, subtly, at what is ahead, but give no details, which is my intention.

A change that I will make is my very first title card. I will change the title so that it is more specific, more of a thesis.

All in all, today I worked on the editing that was suggested by the class and I will take all comments into consideration moving forward. Thanks guys.

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Project Update 2

This week, after having assembled my groups of long-haired male characters, I have begun extracting clips.

The three categories I am focusing on are the “cool” look, the villainous look, and the mythological look.

For my intro, I am either going to use the first bit of Jack Black’s, “The Legend of the Rent” or the opening scene of The Big Lebowski where the camera slowly zooms in on him.

After that, I will present my title card. I want to use a dry erase board, write the title card information that will read something like:

How Long Hair is Used for Men in Movies

By Ben Sobsey

I will use the whiteboard throughout to introduce new topics, write some analysis, and explain the clips, all voiced over while the writing on the whiteboard is significantly sped up.

The first category, I think, will be the “cool” guys. I will show scenes that generalize their behavior, attitude, and personality. My aim is to prove that these characters are all very similar and a major factor that makes them so similar is their hair.

The project will essentially be three parts. For the next two groups, I will do the same sort of comparing to prove how similar these characters with similar long hair are. At the same time, I want to talk about how different each group is even though they all share a common appearance.

I will conclude with a micro-supercut using all 15 of my characters.

My characters are:

Cool guys: Jack Black in School of Rock, Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Hesher, Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and James Franco in Pineapple Express.

Villains: Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men, Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York, Ted Levine in Silence of The Lambs, and David Carradine in Kill Bill.

Mythology: Lord of the Rings characters, Harry Potter Characters, Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia, Brad Pitt in Troy, and Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

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Project Update 1

This week in class we peer reviewed each others proposals in small groups in order to grow our original ideas.

I have decided to narrow my focus down to specifically how long hair is utilized by male movie characters. The first type of characters that I have in mind is┬áthe relaxed, shaggy style that we see from Jack Black in the School of Rock or “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski. Another use of long hair that I will discuss is how Villains wear long hair. Some examples are The Joker from The Dark Knight and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of The Lambs. The third style that I have in mind comes from mythology. The Prince of Persia and the Lord of The Rings both exemplifying long hair in the mythology category.

I am considering adding at least one more category, maybe two. Perhaps something like “the con man” like Christain Bale in American Hustle.

For next week, I will have specific clips that I want to use and juxtapose to point at the consistencies within each character role.